Saturday, February 28, 2009

soo much fun!!!

Yesterday was a action packed day. I had to make my first call to poison control. Luckily everything turned out all right. I am grateful it did for many reasons. I didn't want to have to miss out on getting to shoot with 2 very talented photographers and my sis as the model. Tiffany and Haylee were amazing and my sister was perfect. (You know I regret not taking a picture of your mobile closet Nat.) Dang, next time I will do that. Natalie has the most amazing clothes and funky fun shoes and she had a load full in her car for yesterday. Here are a few of mine

Thursday, February 26, 2009

big brother...

doesn't know everything. Here is the conversation I over heard this morning at breakfast. M,"A do you know where my hat is that Aunt Bear Bear gave to me that has the word and pirates skulls on it?" A, "No I haven't seen it." M, "Well do you remember seeing it?" A, "I have no idea where it is." M, "I thought you had a smart brain that remembered everything!"
She got him, discovered his when will she figure out that Mom doesn't know everything either? A had that figured out pretty early in life.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Girl's weekend

M, my Mom and I went to visit my Grandma this weekend. We ate tons of yummy foods (I am not looking forward to my weigh-in this week.) Aunt Sandy helped us set up M's quilt so we could get the backing on. Now I just need to hand quilt it. I am excited to finish this project.


Then after we folded up the quilt it was time for cards. I am not one that is really great at these types of games but they taught me Hand Foot and it was really fun once I caught on.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

I miss Connecticut..

for today....No not the cold or the weather right now but my friends. A big huge wave to all of you... you know who you are. I miss you today. And those that have moved on to other places but we met in CT...I miss you too!

Monday, February 9, 2009

"I hung-er-ee Mom!"

L demands, "Mom I want CHI-cken fries (chicken nuggets and fries)! Mom replies, We are going to eat lunch at home. "I hung-er-ee. I want a hang-er-ber. Please Mommy, please." While it was hard to not just run through the drive-thru because of the hypnotic cuteness that was overtaking me. We have plenty of food at home that is healthy. But it was too cute to not write down. It reminds me of when A was this age and every time we passed a Burger King, McDonald's or Wendy's he would say "Fridays!" Which in translation is french fries. M always said "chickies" when we would drive by.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"I am not your girlfriend....

..he is lying." M announces to the crowd of people. Later when telling dad about that night, "Dad I don't have a boyfriend and I don't want to be anyone's girlfriend. I want to wait until I am sixteen like you and mom." Well that is a least a little progress. Though the shades of red she turned when Benji called her his girlfriend was priceless. (The really cute thing is she has a crush and it started at my sister's other show the first part of January when she met Benji at my sister's place. She still doesn't know who he is, so we will keep it that way.)

So what exactly am I babbling about? Well to start out we went to my sisters performance Friday and Saturday night. Aunt Natty is a wicked hip hop dancer and her company was performing as well as some of the kids she teaches. We sent the boys to the cabin and we had a girls weekend. Here she is doing her signature move right before the curtain goes down.

Oh and they did an awesome dance to 90s music...ahhh the good ole dancing days for me. Nat shouted out to the whole audience in the middle of it "My sister taught me that!" Yep that would be me. Thanks Nat for helping me relive my youth :). They couldn't afford to have my expertise of dancing in the 90s on staff so I did what I could to help out :P

Here is my sister (far right) and her roomies. They are awesome! And when Benji is in town they have a 4th roommate. I have more pics but they will have to wait for another time. I can't wait until the video of their performance is ROCKED!!! When I regain my hearing that I lost during the show...(from a certain 5 year old screaming..."Go Benji, Go Ms. Alexis, Go Aunt Natty, Go Alan!") Anyway it was a great time. M wants to know when I am going to sign her up. If only they weren't 45 minutes away on a good day. Maybe someday.

Someday when I grow up can I dance like my sister? Hey how about her legs too?! Why oh why did I literally get the short end of the stick on that......Only in my dreams.