Friday, November 27, 2009

turkey for me, turkey for you

I can eat turkey in a big brown shoe....
Even my youngest sings it and I LOVE IT! L was singing it this morning and I just wanted to eat him up. We had such a great Thanksgiving Day. So many things to feel complete gratitude for that I can't even begin to put words to the list.

I think this is a new tradition that we will do every year. Thanks Peen and Bear Bear. And we are not FAT because we got up early and ran a 5k. So all the rest of you that stayed in bed you are fat :P. I am so pleased with myself because I shaved off 12 minutes from my last 5k. WHOOT WHOOT!!! sorry just had to toot my horn for a moment. Can't even begin to express how grateful I am to have a healthy functioning body!

Hey that is 16 people in my kitchen....grateful for more than a one butt kitchen :).

Some pre and post turkey activities. Band Hero, Up and beat up on cousin Braden.

I sat back after all the stuff was over and felt peace, contentment and gratitude. Grandpa Price told us about in WWII when he was on one of the destroyer escorts and they were in the middle of the typhoon, while he was steadying himself on the metal walls as they washed back and forth he caught his wedding ring on a rivet and he was washed out on the deck and was able to grab a life line and then other sailors jumped on top of him and drug him back to safety. Grandpa Price said with a little choke in his voice, "That is how close all of this (pointing to all of us) wouldn't have been."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

headband obsession

Okay I know this is hitting me later than most people but my sister Natalie made some really cute ones that I thought I would try. I seriously think I need hoards of these in different fabrics, flowers... the endless possibilities.

ps do you know how hard it is to take pictures yourself of yourself????

Monday, November 16, 2009

oh deer....

I LOVE this fabric.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ahhh back to life

Reflections contest is done at our school. I have a few more things but at least the biggest chunk is over and maybe I won't live at the school or make 6 trips in one day. So last night I finished a couple of sewing projects I have had sitting. Here is the one M is wearing today for the Primary program. I literally stole this pattern from Leigh the day she got it. I did fess up before I walked out of her house with it. (and I have returned it to her) It is ModKid Kyoto. I am in love with this pattern it is so fun and a few different variations which don't worry you will get to see them because I have others almost finished.

My sister Natalie makes the best headbands, hair pieces, flower clips and also does bridal pieces. Anyway here is her blog. I need to take more pictures of the cute stuff M has from her so she can update her blog. She sells them so fast that we never get to see all of her amazing creations. Here is one flower clip I just love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

These are pictures taken a few years back in Washington DC at the WWII memorial. Thank you to all who have served and our currently serving. Especially my Grandpas and their generation! I went to my Grandpa's Veteran dedication today at his Senior center. Have you ever heard this generation sing patriotic songs? They mean it with every fiber of their being and you can't help but have it resonate in you. There was my Grandpa with his oxygen tubes in, singing America the Beautiful waving his little American flag and very proud. Are we learning from them? It's not long until this generation is gone. It will be a sad day, did we listen and have we learned? Are we forgetting their sacrifice?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

blink....October is gone????

October 1-3 Girls trip with Marnie and visited Erin

Ahh what a breath of fresh air. Traveling without kids to go stay in the Renaissance Glendale Hotel in Phoenix,AZ watch Marnie teach at the scrapbook convention. Eat yummy Mexican, catch up and laugh. Visiting Erin was so much fun. I love friends that even though it has been 8 years since we lived by each other and very infrequent phone calls we can spin back time and make it seem like no time has past and remember why it is we LOVE our friends from college so much. Oh and Marnie and I subjected a huge room of women to our karoke...I bet you wished you were there!!!!

Jemima and JoAnn came from CT the same weekend. I got to spend Sunday evening with them before they flew out. I love FRIENDS! Come and visit anytime!

October 9: my baby's bday, he's "FREE" in his words

Halloween party: Toy Story family theme

Oct. 31: one picture taken

Finished just in time for Halloween our new table runner.