Friday, July 20, 2007

princesses M & M

Girls! They always want to get decked out and dance. I would venture to say that we never quite grow out of it :).

9 months old

Thursday, July 19, 2007

tornado warning and great puddles

Wow we had rain! M was over at a friends house and my friend called and said she was going to keep her until the tornado warning passed. I had no idea but the rain was dropping buckets full of water and the wind was whipping. I was grateful she was safe. A was very concerned and wanted me to check out online "What to do if you are sucked into a tornado?" M came back from her puddle jumping carrying her "raining boots" on a stick. Justin and I both just shook our heads and said "There's only one M!"

how addicted are you?

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I am 70% addicted to blogging.
I found this on Britney's blog. I of course had to try. I was glad to find out I am not an out of control fanatic :). There are limits.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

must install gates now

Yep he is half way up the stairs before I realized what he was doing. "Look at me Mom! Try and catch me if I can." I have gone by my philosophy that once they can crawl teach them how to go up and down the stairs....but with the other helpers I fear I have no choice but to cave and buy gates. Despite L's innocent face he is going to be a messmaker. I can tell.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I found instructions and did what they told me to do. I had to figure out all the lingo and what the heck they were referring to. BUT I DID IT!!! I am just a tad excited can you tell!! Anyway here is what I did in photoshop. This photo was taken today when we went for ice cream.

please pray for him

Here is my little buddy, Dayne! You can see his cute twin sister too. This picture was taken on Memorial Day this year. He had been released from the hospital with inconclusive results as to why he was so sick. They were hoping it was a one time thing. He did well for a little bit and then on the 4th of July he got really sick again and admitted to the hospital the day after that. He possibly has a rare immune/blood disorder. His family is all being tested for a match for a bone marrow transplant. My heartaches for him and for his family during this difficult time. Please add the Belau family to your prayers! Our church is having a fast for him and his family tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2007

we had an intruder

Justin and I have a guilty pleasure of occasionally indulging in Ben and Jerry's after the kids go to bed. Well L has decided that he has to be part of it. He was growling and for every bite we got he got two. He has great taste though :) I of course had to take a snap shot.

my new helper

I love to have help with unloading the dishwasher. I now have someone who loves to help me. And how could anyone say no to that face :). I know I can't.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

finally getting around to

India pictures. I have been back for a year. It is about time I get them scrapped. I started a little album with the pics I took from a taxi window of the streets of Chennai, India. It is hard to believe it was a year ago. So here is the cover page. I hopefully will be able to get the album done soon. But for now I will post a couple of other pages that are from my trip. I miss my friends, the yummy food...I however do not miss being pregnant, swollen ankles and dying of heat....

just read this...

Okay so maybe all of you have heard of this. I know recall someone mentioning to me... reverse telephone book. I just read it on Tara's blog. I searched my number and sure enough it came up with my name and map direction straight to my house. I guess I border on paranoid but I have kids that I need to keep safe guarded. Any what you do is type your number in the search box at, then if your number comes up click on it and you can then remove it from the list. It takes 48 hours.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


if even for a moment. L took a bottle and downed 6 oz. Thank you DAD!!!
***Update*** he didn't want to nurse before bed he wanted a bottle....maybe I shouldn't have been so excited, I will be in pain tonight.

Friday, July 6, 2007


I had taken L out of the exersaucer but he still had some cereal left on the tray. He crawled over and pulled up to his knees and then tilted the exersaucer so he could see the cereal. It is going by to fast. He also climbed up our first stair today. I thought I could hold off on buying a gate but I guess not. I have a debate with that. I usually don't have a gate, I just teach the kids to master the stairs right away, I am a little more concerned with the 3rd kid as there are others who will "help" him.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

it's a jungle out here...

One plant is hiding behind. We are going to have a fabulous crop of tomatoes. Well I sent the kids out to weed because everything has been doubling in size because of the rain. I was showing them what needed to be done. Then to my surprise I found this...
They are tomato plants. Funny thing is I didn't plant any outside the big pots. So they sprouted from last years rotten tomatoes that Justin threw behind the pots. There are several plants. I don't know if they will produce but it looks hopeful. Now that the weeds are mostly gone and the big pots moved ....please more tomatoes. I want lots of Justin salsa this summer. We couldn't have done this on purpose and had it work. Now I just need to cage them hopefully someone will still have them. I don't want to have to stake them.

an excellent source of fiber

We had peas in a pod for dinner. Justin was calling them peas in a sleeping bag. A wanted to "take the sack around his peas off". I mentioned that it would be good fiber and that we don't eat enough fiber. A responds, "I get enough fiber I eat Frosted Mini Wheats. Its a good source of fiber. 2 out 3 people do not get enough fiber." I wish I had the box right now to see what it says on it but I think it is pretty accurate. 7 year old believe everything they read and can rattle it off at any time. Good thing he has almost no exposure to TV ads. I would be in so much trouble.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

yummy watermelon

"Sometimes I think my family is weird because of Dad!" Direct quote from the oldest kid :) Here's proof! This was an excellent watermelon.