Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas treat

My adorable niece!!! Seriously can't get enough of her and her scrumptious rolls. YUMMY!

Well this is what is all about...FAMILY! All of my siblings, spouses, kids and parents together. We also had some extended family, Grandma & Grandpa and some friends too. Whew it was a house full and it was wonderful.

(Not pictured )Aunt Tammy, Cousin Josh, Cousin Jake, My Dad, Mom's husband Steve, friend Kathy H., friend Kathy, friend Josh, Nat's boyfriend John...ahh did I forget anyone else????? It could be easy as it was literally a house full.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


L favorite part of the week is Wednesday. "Mom we go to gym and then tumbling at morning?" Is his usual question when he wakes up. It is hard when it isn't tumbling day. "oh just gym and then tumbling Sunderday." which is his definition of another day.

Miss M has been making big improvements and can now do a back walk over. She is gumby and looks so cute too. A is also taking tumbling but he doesn't want any documentation, as he thinks it would be good blackmail for mom later on.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Thursday, December 3, 2009

proud mommy moment

I was in charge of organizing the Reflections contest at our school this year. It was a big job but well worth it. The hardest part was getting the entries back from the judges with who had won. Ugh a little heart wrench for all those who had entered and didn't win. Thank goodness I didn't have to judge...I wouldn't be able to do it.
It was fun to be able to call up the kids that won and give them their trophies. The best part was being able to call out my son's name and see the look of shock and excitement. He didn't have a clue. On our committee we swore everyone to secrecy until the day of the assembly. No telling any of the kids including our own. That was hard but really fun to see the end result. (The Reflections contest was what started me on my love of art and especially photography. I still have my Reflections trophy from long long ago for one of my first photographs, when I asked my dad if I could use his camera to take a pretty picture. Thanks Dad!)

Here is the picture. I have to say I was quite envious because I didn't see it when we were taking pictures. He said Mom give me the camera I want to take some pictures. I love when someone, especially my kid can give me a better perspective. We haven't heard any news yet on whether he is progressing past the next level. But he was thrilled with getting a trophy. He worked so hard this year to pick his best photo. Last year he was so heart broken when he didn't win anything. I shed a few tears with him because he was so upset. It was a good teaching moment though and look what he was able to do this year. It is good to not win sometimes.