Monday, May 31, 2010

13.1 miles !!!!

Excuse me for a moment while I shout from the roof top I DID IT!!! Okay now I will recompose myself and explain. So this began a little over a year ago with a friend (Dustine) saying "Hey Ash do you want to run a 5k with me?" Well with a little bit of training and lots of guts we went for it and found out we could do it. Then i injured my hip getting ready for a 10k. It put me out all summer. I was finally able to get back to running in the Fall. My sights were set on the Salt Lake Half Marathon and was almost there. Old knee injuries resurfaced and I was advised not to run it. So I was going to cheer on my friends that were running the marathon and forced to the sidelines. Well Dustine got injured, both having to watch from the sidelines. We decided to go cheer on our friends, Salt Lake race day we ran to Sugar House park to see everyone. We ended up regretting not running the race even though we were told not too. Then we set our sights on the State Capitol Half Marathon. It was not advised to be your first half marathon. We figured that out when we hit the trail (uphill, water erosion, big rocks, rough terrain). It was a challenge and fun to tackle. The view was spectacular, we ran through a golf course, This is the place state park, Red Butte Garden and the trails behind the JCC and UofU. Justin and I used to mountain bike these trails. I felt strong and prepared. I have trained for this moment. It was nice to finally hit pavement in the Avenues and a stretch of downhill. My favorite kids cheering me on and M running in her flipflops with me all the way to the finish line and of course being done! (She thought she should get a metal too because she crossed the finish line.)

My friend Dustine when she crossed the finish line. WOOT WOOT!!!