Sunday, February 27, 2011

quilt kick

Ok so I get obsessed with things and have to just run with it...Well quilting has taken over my life right now. I LOVE IT! Wish I could spend more time doing it but one has to attend to the rest of life too. Why do we need exercise, food and sleep? it just gets in the way sometimes ;).

Well I took a stab at a small quilt for a friend. I saw this on Little Birdie Secrets and thought it would be fun to try and the fact that I could quilt it on my sewing machine was something I had to try. I think this won't be the only one I do. Really fun to piece, quilt and bind. I love tangeable progress! Now to part with it...that is another question...I will but I may have to look at for a little longer.

I saw this on Moda Bakeshop and had to make it. It is pieced but waiting for the applique and borders. Hoping to get this one to the quilters soon. Tried to get it done before Valentine's but end of February? or mid March....not too bad. So grateful to have found a website where I could still buy the same fabric jelly roll because I couldn't find the fabric anywhere in town. I think I will do another jelly roll quilt, this was fun!

This is a Christmas quilt I finished last year. It has stayed out year round because I need to make more :).

This is all L wanted for Christmas. He was at the fabirc store with me in November and picked out the pattern and fabric. Thank goodness my quilter knew who much this would mean to a little boy and got it quilted just in time for Christmas. It was the sweetest thing to watch him open it Christmas morning. "This is the quilt Mom built for me." Everyday he would ask if I had finished building his quilt. I had to sneak it away to drop it off for quilting and it didn't take him long to figure out it was missing from Mom's sewing room.

So I have an obsession with this fabric. Moda Figgy Pudding. My Christmas quilt is made out of this and don't worry I always overbuy fabric so I have intentions to do several more out of it. (I made a skirt for M out of this fabric too)

The first quilt I pieced. I had to tackle the most difficult first. I completed the blocks driving our moving truck across the country. Then it took me another year to finally pull it out and sew all the blocks together and another bit to find borders and then get it quilted after the Christmas quilt. It was hard to let anyone else touch it. I am so pleased with it.

And remember how I said I overbuy fabric well I made this one out of leftovers from the above quilt. Well my mom also said that there is no way that I could put the above quilt on her bed, so I still needed something to fold at the bottom of her bed. I also hand quilted this one to give it a whirl. Labor of love, I took it around with me everywhere I had to sit for a while.

itching to do oldest has reminded me several times that he doesn't have a quilt yet. I offered to buy him whatever one he wanted out of Pottery Barn Kids (He has a Star Wars theme in his room) but he insists that I make him one. I finally found a pattern that I feel would be masculine enough for him but having a hard time finding the right fabric. Hopefully I will be able to do it soon. He is feeling left out. I did ask him if he wanted a little Star Wars quilt like the little crib quilt and he thought that would be good. I have leftover fabric from making Star Wars pillow cases that I could piece together and maybe buy me a little more time on the bigger quilt.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Puerto Rico Day 1

Okay I have put off posting about my trip long enough. I fell in love with Puerto Rico. It was very easy actually, when trading 5 degree windy weather with 80 degree sunshine and 80 degree water, can you blame me? I didn't want to come back. I can't tell if that is a good thing to do to break up the winter or if it has put me in depression at the thought of the months left of winter.
so I will start with day 1: we flew into San Juan and visited Old San Juan. Wikipedia's explanation, "The city is characterized by its narrow, blue cobblestone streets and flat-roofed brick and stone buildings dating back to the 16th and 17th century when Puerto Rico was a Spanish possession. Near Fort San Felipe del Morro is the Casa Blanca, a palace on land which belonged to the family of Ponce de Leon."