Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bon Voyage Buckies!!

I have tried so hard not to cry. So far I haven't let it, I am sure my time will come. The Buckwalter's moved in the same weekend as us. We have spent the past 5 years together and are sad to see this chapter close. While this is no way goodbye, distance will be separating us. I don't think baby monitors will reach from Paris, France. A few years ago they moved over to our building and we have made many memories. The BBQ's, game nights, GNOs, bookclub, pet names, HSM reenactment, sprinklers, Guitar Hero, HSM Sing it....the list can continue.

A picture of me and Kristen after many hours of throwing out stuff, packing, laughing, reminiscing. I can't think of a better way to have spent her final days in Heritage Glen. Well my passport is itching to be used, and I am excited to have a really good excuse to go to Paris. I have not been there and it is on my list. So it will have to happen in the next three years. I informed Justin it will be next year with or without him.
Thank you Kristen for all the memories. I look forward to your blog!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

spilled orange juice

Okay I have to admit I was reading my friend Sara's blog and had to write about what happened tonight. I cleaned out part of the bathroom cupboards and had a large trash bag full of stuff that needed to be taken out and I needed to get away from my children. I stopped by Kristen's on my way back to check in and see what time they were heading out. So of course I was a little more than a minute but not too long. I came back to M, mopping up orange juice with an entire roll of paper towels. "Mom I spilled the orange juice but I am cleaning it up." Well as much as my insides were going crazy (It was a gallon's worth of orange juice). How could I get mad at that????!!!! She has a problem and she was solving it. I suggested getting a bath towel as that might be a little easier to soak up the large quantity of liquid. She successfully cleaned it up. Then she wanted milk. I helped her with it. I only poured a small amount. She was upset because she wanted more. I calmly said you may have more when you finish that. The milk was quickly drank and she wanted more. I poured a small amount again. (Good rule of thumb: only give as much as you are willing to clean up!) Well even with the small amount it was accidentally spilled. She cleaned it up and it was definitely bed time before Mom wanted to explode. To focus on the positive she cleaned up the messes herself and I didn't yell. So that is worth something right :)

house update

The short story: The sellers used our offer to commit someone else to an offer. Their offer is contigent upon the city approving an addition to the home. The seller accepted that offer before they countered us. They countered us for 2nd place if the first one doesn't go through (wait 2 weeks)and for higher than our offer. So we are pursuing other homes and will probably not jump on anything until we get there. Three weeks until we pick up the moving truck.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

where have I been?

Well the countdown is on... 3 1/2 weeks and we will have all of our belongings in a moving truck heading across the country. This picture is the corner of our bedroom that we cleared out last night and stacked the boxes I packed yesterday. It is hard to believe the time has come. So this is my life for the next few weeks. What can we live without so I can pack it. Luckily I have spent the last couple months purging, I am sure there will be more (there better be!!). It is amazing how much stuff we crammed into this 2 bedroom apartment, if 5 people wasn't enough for the! I just wanted to update the blog as I have been neglecting it. Sorry I hope you understand.
Wish us luck we are supposed to hear back today from the offer we put in on a home yesterday. I didn't realize how emotional and hard it is to buy a house.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sneak peek for Hillary

We had a quick photo shoot of baby b with his mom today. He was a trooper and was so smiley when I had the camera away from my face. Hopefully tomorrow we can get more but here are a couple as a teaser.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Justin got the kids bathed, ready for church and made waffles for breakfast!!! Then also took wiggly, loud 19 month old L out, so I could actually sit through sacrament meeting. Well to the end of a good day....M took a spill and hit her head on the edge of the bricks on the fireplace. Of course, right in the middle of her forehead. I am not very strong on this part, I always have to put on a good face and talk calmly so that I can calm down. Justin recruited Kyle to come over and help with a blessing and assist in stitching. M was freaking out about getting stitches and I was concerned we would have to go the ED to get her sedated. Daddy was soo good and calmed her down. Hillary came over just before the stitching began. She brought a yellow gerber daisy to help M feel better. She clutched onto it the whole time and still hasn't let it go. M keeps saying "Wasn't that so nice of Hillary to give me this flower. She gave it to me to help me be brave, and patient and to help me feel better." THANK YOU HILLARY!!!! and Kyle too. Especially to be so willing to help on Mother's Day. M is doing well, in fact, Justin said I swear there was only Lidocaine and epinephrine. She is a little slap happy and totally relieved to have it over. After she gets done telling us about how nice Hillary is, she then says "that wasn't so bad and now if I ever have to get stitches again I will be soo brave."

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Days like today...

Are the reason I LOVE being a Mom! Justin has been out of town all weekend. We have been able to get together with many of our friends. It has been a great. The older kids let me take an hour nap today after church. L was down for a nap too. I woke up to presents on my pillow. The kids got into the craft stuff and made me a "Happy Mother's Day Su(r)prise" card and necklace, bracelet and rings that all say 'MOM' on it. (And they cleaned up after themselves, you wouldn't even know they had that stuff out!)

What is the best is it isn't even Mother's Day. They didn't have Dad or anyone telling them they needed to make something. They wanted to let me know I am special to them. This is the best UnMother's Day, prebirthday ever!