Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life is short...

As I was stuck in traffic for over an hour, just sitting in one place, I had plenty of time to contemplate life...
I have been working on my 72 hour kits for the car but I am not done. I have blankets and drinks. M was with me and she was hungry. I had no food to give her and no way of knowing how long it was going to be. Oh did I mention I was almost on reserve gas tank. I had to alter a few plans while I was waiting as well. I was trying to figure out why all 6 lanes of traffic were not moving at all. Everyone was getting out of their cars, behind us people were turning up music and dancing on the freeway trying to make the best of it. Others were climbing on top of their cars trying to get a better look. I figured it was an accident or something spilled. Then I saw the Life Flight helicopter circle and land not more than 20 cars ahead of me. It really scared me. I was glad I hadn't got upset because some one's life just got completely altered and who knows if they will survive. My brother heard on the news that it was a five car pile up. How quickly can our lives be changed? Instantaneously! We listened to a Magic Tree House audio cd. I was grateful to have that to entertain M. It made it much easier for her to be patient, even with her grumbling tummy. When we were finally able to move and drive by, one little car was beyond recognizable I couldn't even tell you what make it was. Have you ever seen a car smashed into a ball? I am grateful I wasn't closer to see everything that happened. I feel bad for those that had front row seating and grateful for those that rushed to the aid of the injured people. So I am grateful to have made it home safely. Then I checked my email and we are trying get our basement finished so I had an email from my builder saying "sorry I didn't get back to you, my plumber has been missing since Monday and they found him on Thursday in the desert with a self inflicted gun shot wound. I have been taking it pretty hard. I will get back to you next week." Times are really tough and people are desperate, it makes my heart ache.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

valentine's photos

One down and two more to go...and they won't be as willing. When we were at Costco last week M saw the roses and wanted to buy them so we could take pictures again. I knew we didn't have time to do it so I told her we would get them next time. Well I had to return a couple of things so she reminded me. Luckily they were only $15.99. It is amazing how much they increase in price over the next 2 weeks.

Friday, January 16, 2009

gearing up for Valentine's

I needed to replace the empty spots with something seasonal. Taking all of Christmas down was nice but then I realize how much I want to decorate and buy furniture and we aren't quite ready to go there yet. So I broke out the Flirty and Sweetie Pie Bo Bunny papers and made some fun Valentine's decoration.
Do you remember the Christmas calendar and stars I did for December...well I thought I would make a year of it and change it up with the season and add new calendars.

I wanted to find hearts in either wood or chipboard I couldn't find any that I liked so I went to the valntine candy aisle and got teh heart shape chocolate boxes. They were so much fun and easy to cover.



I just love these little birdies. They are so adorable!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

books, books and more books

It seems I can't get enough....I am really quite obsessed. Fablehaven series up to date until March 24, 2009 (Fablehaven 4), Twilight series (1st chapter Midnight Sun check! awaiting its release and will not give in to reading the leaked version), Don't gasp too much I have started Harry Potter. I know I know for all of you who know me you are reading this twice, I did in two sentenced type the two taboo series that I wasn't going to read. And I was just on scanning books and just discovered I missed a new book in one of my favorite juvenile series Stravaganza: City of Secrets by Mary yep I headed over to and ordered it. Hopefully it will be as good as the others. I am also reading Three Cups of Tea. So between reading, no social life and scrapbooking (oh and doing the Mom thing)you can pretty much guess where my nose is....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"wook at dat Mom!"

"Wook, wook Mom and a color!" (Autopilot as I am on the computer, "oh look how nice....") "Mom, Mom wook at me...I color." So of course I look and yes he did color on his face.... I am sure taking a picture only condones the behavior right?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It almost felt like I was in New England..the windchill was definetly a cold reminder. We could have maybe picked a warmer day but we did it anyway. My mom gave me this cute snowman. I have him in my window above my kitchen sink. I love the way the sun hits him.

Here we are ice skating. It took awhile to find feeling in our toes and fingers....brrrrr. I have never had frostbite but was pretty sure I was nearing the first stages on my toes. Why don't they insulate the toes on ice skates???

Leigh had her phone picked up by a homeless guy. Thank goodness a security guard was right on it, (ie watching him pick it up). Then it was off to the Spaghetti Factory for Mizithra cheese spaghetti. We drank a ton of herbal tea to get warmed up and then I had minestrone soup too. Ahhhh it has been too long. After dinner we headed back to our place for some Guitar Hero World Tour. Watching their nearly 9 year old play on expert was seriously amazing. Justin and I want to get this when we finish the basement, we just need the game and some drums. We had a great family day. Thanks Fasslers for the good time, good eats and lots of great laughs!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Eve

okay I know everyone is probably ready to move on from Christmas but we are still packing up the tree and decorations. I am almost done, I have been just dragging my feet because there isn't really much to put away.

Christmas Eve- We had my side of the family over to our house (We missed you Nick-a-Nick, Craig and Des). It was great fun and no one stressed out (I decided that I wasn't going to freak out on the details and just enjoy....It was wonderful, No need to be Martha Stewart and get sick over it.)

I had to take a picture of my driveway. Yep all those cars were at my house. Thank goodness we put in the extra cement driveway on the side.

Everything all set out and the game of prizes about to begin.

John and Natalie sporting the aprons I made that they won in the game. Aren't they cute!

And Santa's helper even came to our house too....(ie Papa!) We have great connections to Santa.