Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a style of her own

Well the only person that can even understand would be Aunt Natty. I don't know where she came from other than I remember this sweet little baby 5 years ago. Now I see this girl who isn't so little now and has her very own thoughts and ideas about everything. She had her Kindergarten assessment today, her teacher asked how come she knew so much, M replied each time, "because I am the tallest in my class!" It was stated so matter of factly. M picked out her new shoes for school, I have learned early that she will have no part in what Mom wants. So I just have to say I am soooo grateful for uniforms this year!!! (She has a section in her closet that is the stuff she can wear to school, no arguements.) Footwear has to be closed toed and closed heel. I never would have paired the frilly socks with them, or the black skirt with black shorts underneath, teal cardigan, with pink printed tee and lovely necklaces. Only M! Seriously I do not think anyone else could pull this off.

50% off

So I knew which stools I wanted when I saw this island in my kitchen. I told Justin about them. I said I would wait patiently as I know exactly what I want. Well guess who got impatient.....oh not me, that would be Justin. Everyday for the past week he has come home and asked if I had found them on sale yet. Well last week I had seen one at Ross Dress for Less but I thought why buy just one. I checked out a store last night but they were sold out. Then I was out and about today and decided to go back to Ross and just buy the one to see if it really would work out. Today was my day, they had 3!! I even got 20% more off on 1 and 10% on the other 2 for minor scuffing (which will happen within one minute of them being home).

Friday, August 22, 2008

Retaining wall is setting

Well the beginning of the end has happened. Once the retaining wall is set, the fence goes in and then landscaping. WAHOO! We have had a great time. L was eating his lunch with his view outside the window of the cement truck pouring the cement. He didn't want me to take him out. It went really more ohh...ahhh....big truck... I found this

Here are our neighbor friends. Our kids are in heaven and so are they. What better thing when you are a kid then to have your friends right across the street. And they are a great fit, bonus I really like their parents too.

A got a call from one of his best friends in CT today. They jabbered on and on about Star Wars games and laser tag and all other things boy. "oh and if you change into Mace Windu then you can do this....ohh I figured out this thing that helps you defeat. You know what I got enough coins to buy General Grievious...I figured out this secret too." It was just like they were sitting in the back fo the Volvo wagon driving to school, with their lego magazines and dreaming up schemes and large lego sets. These are times that I want to remember.

And just so M doesn't feel left out because she didn't want to participate in the friend photo. Here is M making cookies with me yesterday afternoon. What is up with this silly grin??? I think it is the age.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The house

Okay I know I have been slacking but hey I am still finding my way out of boxes. I took pics of the outside of the yard today. The only inside pic will be the kitchen as I am celebrating it being unpacked and cleaned today. The cabinet guys came yesterday to fix some blue tape stuff. Justin and I made our first patio furniture purchase too. We were going to wait until next year but then we both saw this set and it was 50% off + another 10% and the bonus: WE BOTH AGREED on it! The railing on the platform off the deck is supposed to go in soon 7-14 days. I am pretty much stuck at home, unpacking, overseeing yard progress and letting contractors in to fix some items. We are enjoying it but still waiting to see if this is for real.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We are HOME owners!!

We have looked forward to this moment for soo long. The paperwork was all signed last night. We are just waiting for the keys which will most likely be tomorrow and then we move in. I have a ton of cleaning to do. Once I get my computer up and running and can unload pictures I promise I will post them. I am most excited about setting up my scraproom/den. I am itching to get to work. I have all of this summer's photos that are sitting on memory cards. Our phone and internet service will be turned on the 13th (unless I can bribe them to come earlier, how one does that I don't know but I will at least try)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day

Well tomorrow we sign our lives away to a house. And you know the funny thing is I am WAY excited. I had to draw out the landscape plan and fax it. Working on finishing up the Home Owner's Insurance. There are many things that have to be done on our property but the house is ready to move in. I will be glad to be there to oversee the landscaping to make sure it goes to plan or what I invision. Fun stuff. Anyway I just thought I needed to update everyone as I have been MIA.

Oh and yesterday we had a fun phonecall from the Wennerholm's they were in town and we were able to met them for lunch. They were just finishing up their family reunions and heading back home. It was great for me and the kids to be able to see friends from CT!! We LOVE it. So make sure if you are in town we at least get to see you for a minute.