Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Back to School to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool....
The kids were so excited today. I didn't have to beg to get them up. A has been counting down the days, hours and minutes until school starts. He is bored of summer and wants school to start. M has caught on to her older brother's excitement. She seemed a little concerned under the surface today but hopefully it will be just fine. First day of first grade can be a little daunting. Then the shocker is that I have a Fourth grader. He had to inform me that in only a few years he will be in junior high. Quick grab the defibrillator my heart stopped! He loved the reaction and keeps repeating it seeing if the gray hairs will pop out right before his eyes. L has quickly acclimated and as soon as we walked back in the door "watch a movie!" Which was his morning routine when the kids were in school and didn't have to negotiate which movie was going to be watched.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Mom ______ Mom. MOM! MOM?
I know Leigh will be laughing because she can even hear who is saying this. That would be my baby. Everything starts and ends with Mom and if I am not answering MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM with not even a breath in between.
L has been loving this week because the older kids have been in climbing camp in the afternoons. Today was pirate day at camp so we made a quick run to ToysRUs to gather some pirate paraphernalia. Well no luck but when we pulled up to the store L points to the sign and said "Mom I want to go to that store Mom. Mom why is there a twinkling star Mom? (pointing to the star around the R). That is Toys R Us, he responds with an OHhhhhhh. Do you want to go in there? "Sure Mom"
Next we stop at JoAnn's "Mom no I am not going in that store Mom." It was a fight but luckily it was a quick trip. Then the dollar store, jackpot. Feed the kids lunch drop them off at camp and drive back home. L falls asleep....transports to his bed and now I need to pull myself away and get something done. School starts on Monday YIPPIE!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

kid update

Okay so the boys like to play guitar hero. Well of course the little one just pretends he can play and he makes me turn the radio station to find a "guitar song". A is getting better at it. He is such a perfectionist that he won't even try if he feels he can't suceed at it. Well he finally decided he could do it. (It doesn't help that his best friend can play almost everything on expert...seriously it makes me not even want to play, I still will play with you though C.)

M got her hair permed by Aunt Bear Bear. She says she won't do it again because it took way to long for Aunt Bear Bear to get all the rods in but we will see. M loves the result.

Here is right after and good news the perm did take and is still in. This is also a dress that I made for her. I have been sewing up a storm this summer with my friend Leigh.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Calgary Stampede

So in my effort to feel more caught up I am starting with our vacation photos and making mypublisher book with them. I am sick of the thousands of photos that we have on disks and no pictures to show for it. Anyway here is pics from our day at the Calgary Stampede, and if you are from Alberta you will know what a big deal this is :).

So where are these kids' mothers? Look Mom I can do jumps on my motorcycles far into the air and let go. Seriously made me a nervous wreck but the kids liked it.

And your eyes do not deceive you, that is Justin busting a move on stage with the USA breakdancers. He was too good that they quickly shewed him off stage but he was the clear cut winner of the bunch.

The native dress was amazing. I was so proud of a mother of a teenager, the mother told her teen daughter to quit her complaining and appreciate this part of Canada's heritage. You go MOM!!!!

The kids loved the military section of the Stampede, they climbed on tanks, pretended to shoot guns and get your face painted with official army paint for FREE. My kids were so excited about the FREE part, oh and A got to hold a real bazooka.

L loved his turkey leg and wouldn't let anyone near it.

One of my favorites was the recycled percussion show. These guys are from New Hampshire if I remember correctly. Anyway they put on a great performance.

We ended the day with a Chuck Wagon race and The Big Show. And they weren't kidding when they named it the Big Show because it was exactly that. Death defying acrobatics and was so overwhelming I failed to take even one picture.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

tipi style

Staying in a tipi is definitely on the kids favorite list. We were just outside of the East entrance of Glacier National Park in Montana. And staying in a tipi with modern amenities is awesome.

There is a small cabin assigned to each tipi with a huge jetted tub, double sink and toilet.

All in the bed and little one said roll over I'm crowded.

vacation pictures

A highlight of our trip to Banff was canoeing around a glacier lake will turquoise blue water. Lake Moraine, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada.