Friday, March 28, 2008


I feel so much love and gratitude today for my many blessings. We had a wonderful Relief Society birthday dinner last night. Not only was the food amazing, it was so wonderful to interact with the sisters of my ward (congregation). The theme was "Stitched Together With Love." Our Relief Society President got up and talked about the stitches that have pulled us together...babies, families moving out/moving in, surgeries, dinners, illnesses etc. She asked us to think of interactions we have had with the names she read off. All the people that have moved over the past year were named. I couldn't help the tears. I miss so many of them and now faced with the fact that I leave in less than 3 months. I love my ward, my calling (RS 1st counselor), my friends, New England. It is hard to remove myself from the picture. I am grateful for email, blogs, phones, travel and an after-life so that all these relationships/friendships will continue. Yesterday I was over at one of my previous RS presidents house helping clean up, as the truck was being packed. She has been a great example to me and brought such a reality with her. I remember many things she has said and they really touched me, but one thing that really stands out was...if you need a friend, or help or whatever, reach out, let someone know, if you are lonely call someone else, chances are they may be feeling the same way... It has stuck with me. She lives her words and I know there is a hole that will be here as she has done so many things and most of them without others knowledge. I am grateful for good people. I spoke with a friend today that is not a member of my faith, yet we can still talk about praying, pondering and scriptures and feel the same love and peace from our loving Heavenly Father. I am grateful for my children's teachers who work so hard to help them succeed. I am grateful for a loving husband, he works so hard with little reward or thought of himself. I am grateful he loves to come home, even if it is untidy and dinner isn't made. I am grateful for my children and the individuality they each come with. I am grateful for the scriptures, The Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible. It shouldn't be so amazing but it is, I always find the answers I need at the moment I need them. I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. My heart is full and I could continue going but I will stop there for now.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

We had a great time, no school, Easter egg dying, friends... If only every Friday was like that or at least as fun. Thanks Maryann! M explained how there is a difference between dying (motioning slit your throat) and dying (Easter eggs). Unfortunately I can't even do it justice but it was cute. L was cute. The pic is of him signing apple. He has his own unique way (I posted this just for you Peen!) It is supposed to be signed on the cheek but he twists his own ear. I LOVE IT!! It is really fun to see his signs emerge. I have been teaching him and using Signing Time and he LOVES it. He doesn't have any hearing difficulties or speech delays I just wanted to do it with him. It is wonderful to know what he wants. Anyway that was more of a side note. The kids had so much fun. And for once I have more pictures of the first born. I have received complaints that the older one doesn't get much blog face time. So I will try and do better. We are grateful for our friends and hate to even think that time is running short before we move. Only 3 months left....sniff sniff. (note: I just remembered I have to record this too. The vest that L is wearing is his favorite. He LOVES owls. I will ask him where his owl is and he starts pulling at his vest and saying "who who who". His favorite thing at the children's museum...the Owl in the little zoo area, he giggles and it is the first thing he runs too)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aunt Bear Bear, Uncle Nick-a-Nick and Chasers

It is so fun to get a little package in the mail. I have to say it is one thing I will miss with moving next to family is the little care packages or thinking of you cards that manage to show up. They mean so much, especially when the shipping is worth more than what is in the box :). We appreciate it so much. Aunt Bear Bear and Uncle Nick-a-Nick are the pop rocks and bubble gum tape Aunt and Uncle. It is the only time my kids get these and it makes it really special when they show up on our doorstep. Thank you!! Thank you!! Everyone thinks I need to share the Almond Joys I don't know what they are talking about.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Surprise Party!

Happy 30th Sarah! Matt you rocked the house and totally take the prize for awesome planning! The Karoke was extremely fabulous. I wish that I would have had video of the guys singing "I'm too sexy". Check out the rock stars from Guitar Hero in the slide show too. Justin and I totally have to take back our "no video games/machines" in our house.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

VOTE for M #4 by March 7th

YEAH!!!! M is a finalist in Haylee's face contest!!! Please vote!!!

almost 17 months

So instead of conquering the task list that I am supposed to today... I actually took some pics of my own baby :). It is great to have fun pictures of other people's kids but if it means I am not taking pics of my own family, then it is time to take a step back.
Here is an update of L:
blowing kisses to all of you

123 book tag

I am trying to catch up on blogging. I have been buried in projects. So I check in on Crystal and she has tagged me..and it is a short one so I decided to do it.

Here are the rules:
*Find the book closest to you with at least 123 pages.
*Turn to page 123.
*Find the fifth sentence.
*Post the next 3 sentences.
*Tag 5 people.

The closest book to me with at least 123 pages is: Understanding Exposure

"And, when faced with coastal scenes or lake reflections at sunrise or sunset call on Brother Reflecting Sky, meaning you take your meter reading from the light reflecting off the surface of the water. Warning: Once you've called upon the Sky Brothers, your camera's light meter will let you have it. You will notice that once you have used Brother Blue Sky and set the exposure, your light meter will go into a tirade when you recompose that frontlit winter landscape."

I know so exciting :). I just have to keep rereading until somehow it all sinks in!

I tag: Lanna, Traci, Kristi, Amy, Margo

Monday, March 3, 2008

baby b