Wednesday, July 22, 2009

here's the proof

Yep that is Peen sewing and Leigh explaining how to sew a seam. I still don't believe Paige went camping so I am sure there are others who don't believe she can sew.

This is why I wanted my craft room. Three sewing machines easily fit on the table without even extending the table. It made me "sew" happy. Anyway just thought I would get this posted because I know Paige and Leigh need a copy.

ash, kenji & co

I am just so happy to have Kenji part of our family!!! So I organized the photos today because the files were so big, that my SIL who is visiting couldn't even see them all. So while all the kids and cousins were playing, Jason on a business call and Raylene reading a book, I got busy. This is probably my favorite of their family. I am sure I will come up with others I love but this will most likely remain my favorite.

and of course a ring shot! I love the way this turned out. (Can you see the shadow in her ring that makes a heart?)

apparently one isn't enough least to my one blog stalker :P. So Dad here is a picture from the Salt Flats that Amy took. I LOVE IT!!! ...usually I am behind the camera... I love the way Amy captured my kids. Sooo cute and stopped time for a brief moment that I will have for a lifetime.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

okay okay okay

I have several people (you know who you are!) reminding me that I need to post pictures. Well where to even start? I am currently loading all the pictures on my computer. How shall I post? There has been so much happen and I am so far behind. Do I post in order or do I just post whatever I feel that day....hmmm. Well I guess posting something is better than procrastinating. So I just had a lovely visit with my friend Amy she stayed for a few days with her kids. We didn't get everything in that we wanted but it was a successful visit. The kids all got along, we played with our cameras, photoshopped until 1:30 am one night and sewed until 2am another. I feel the creative energy returning. It feels great to feel recharged and ready to get on with it. So because I have one photo out of thousands (so not exaggerating) from the past 3 weeks editted I will leave you with it. Ahh I just remembered I haven't finished editting bridals and the rest of the engagements....okay deep is the photo... at the Salt Flats with my kids from this past Wednesday.

Monday, July 13, 2009


ahhh it was so wonderful. No house construction to worry about, no phone ringing off the hook, no cell phones, someone else to make the bed, clean up and refresh towels and bathroom. No TV or movies to watch...just beautiful surroundings. We accomplished exactly what we wanted, to get grounded again and feel relaxed. So if I can get the massive amounts of photos loaded on my computer I will get some posted. Where did we go? Glacier National Park, Calgary Stampede and Banff National Park. Now I must get off the computer and finish the mounds of laundry.