Sunday, December 28, 2008

December recap

There is so much I haven't blogged it is really daunting. So I just unloaded my memory cards.....oh and guess what I got for Christmas??? A 1TB external harddrive for all my backup pleasure! Wahoo!!! I will have to report on the rest later.

Dec. 3- M had a Grandpa date. She was quite nervous and wanted someone else to go with her. So she brought her doll with a new dress that I sewed for her to match M's dress. It took a little convincing and a slight bit of bribery, hence the red gloves and purse... but I knew that once she had left she would have a wonderful time. They went to the Mall and wandered, looking at things and then going to Build-A-Bear. She picked out a blue sparkly bear and a ice skating outfit for it. Then it was off to dinner at her choice of restaurant...she wanted Spaghetti. Olive Garden was close by so they went to dinner there. M reported that they had princess spaghetti just for her and a yummy Strawberry drink. She also said to Grandpa, "I was worried this wasn't going to be fun but I am having a great time." She couldn't stop talking about it to everyone and telling what a fun time she had. Thanks for making her fell so special Papa. When is the next date?

Dec. 4 Dr. Gull made a guest appearance in A's class to teach them about the ear. And teaching them to not use q-tips and wear ear plugs.

Dec. 6 Church Christmas party. The kids did a really cute nativity and I was convinced to do a duet. I am grateful there is only a picture to mark the event.

Dec.10-14 Jemima and her Mum came for a visit.

Dec. 23- And lots and lots and lots of snow. Did I mention that it has snowed a ton. The novelty of shoveling our driveway wore off quickly as I was spending many hours a day trying to clear it...why they didn't even consider a heated driveway when it is north facing is beyond me. So we purhcased a snowblower. It makes life so much easier. Eventually when the cement needs to be replaced...heated drive way is the only thing I will consider. Here is a picture that I took with a big snow storm heading our way. I grabbed the camera and ran up to our balcony. Dark low clouds with lots of snow, if you didn't know what you were looking at it would probably look like the sun setting on mountains.

Here is a picture taken off the balcony during the fall...just the valley no mountains.

Christmas Eve and Christmas recap will have to wait for tomorrow.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Decor

They weren't able to use the whole thing for the Bo Bunny blog so I thought I would post it here. It is a December calendar and paper covered stars hung with ribbon. I have it hanging in my office.I love the Believe Bo Bunny paper line. The colors are perfect!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tourist in my own city

Okay so I have to plead guilty to not enjoying my surrounding when I lived in Salt Lake before. It took moving 2000+ miles away and Jemima coming to town for me to enjoy some beautiful heritage. (I will steal some pictures from her camera when she comes home) We started out at the Joseph Smith Memorial building previously the Hotel Utah. Our tour guide was great she suggested we go see the Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration. I am so glad she did. It was a tear jerker but so worth it to put into perspective how much the early saints and the prophet endured. The persecution and trials were on going. Then we went walked around and saw some of the beautiful nativities. Enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Lion House Pantry Cafe I had stuffed pork, oatmeal zucchini soup (TDF) and of course there infamous rolls and honey butter. My tummy was happy! Then on to
The Beehive house for a tour. The carpentry was beautiful and the period clothing was amazing. I was appreciative of the hand made lace, we really take for granted we can buy premade lace most anywhere, including Walmart. It was wonderful to see how beautifully decorated Brigham Young's home was. After all they had endured to cross the plains to get to this valley, to finally have something nice. Then we were off to the Relief Society building This was built by $5 donations from sisters, that were encouraged to not get the money from their husbands but to find someway to earn it to give to build this building. For those sisters who were in other countries who couldn't send the money because of restrictions on mail, gave some amazing Meissin pottery and other gifts to decorate the building. It was moving to see what an amazing force for good women in our world wide Relief Society organization can do. I then had to leave their side to pick up children from school and they headed off to the Family History Library to research some of their family. It was a wonderful day! I especially appreciate Jason (Jemima's husband) for letting her come especially when today is their 15th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Jason and Jemima!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick Catch up

okay I know I have been slacking but any extra time I have I am setting at my sewing machine instead of the computer. My friend Leigh and I have been sewing like crazy since right after Thanksgiving to get our girl's Christmas presents done. We have had so much fun. LOTS and LOTS of chocolate, caffeine and laughing. Little L has Leigh wrapped around his finger, he knows to go to her to ask for chocolate and then gives her a thumbs up, though it is more of just a fist and we were hysterically laughing about that for hours one night. Hey what better friend can I have who will still come and hang out with me even when L comes up and nuzzles his boogery nose on her shirt multiple times (luckily it is clear but still yucky).
-Thanksgiving was fun though we didn't get to everything we were supposed to that day. My mom takes us out to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe (yummy!!) and then we went to my brothers so Justin could go run with Paige. Then it was over to my Dad's where we were having dinner. It always takes a lot longer than what you think. We missed dessert at Justin's Aunt's house. We had a good time though. We played Rock Band for the first time. We had a blast. I am still partial to Guitar Hero but would love to get World Tour. We said we would get it when our basement gets finished which hopefully we will get to start at the beginning of the year.
-Black Friday shopping for me was hitting JoAnn's and Hancock Fabric. I met up with Leigh and her friend Jenn, it was fun and we have probably more projects than we can realistically get done before Christmas but we will try.
-M had a boyfriend, and told Leigh she has kissed him and she was asking the other day what breakup means? because a girl in her class broke up with two boys that day. What is it????? She has been in school for two years and this wasn't a main subject but come to Utah and the girls are BOY CRAZY!!!! OH the kicker....M's definition of "hot"- "Hot to adults can mean sexy!" HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! what is my child learning the the 3 hours she goes to kindergarten???? Not having full day kindergarten is a blessing in disguise. My baby is being exposed to the world.
-A is playing the piano and loving it. We went to a hockey game last night and he was obsessed with the goalie and thinks that they are amazing and he now wants to play hockey.
-L well he is a spit fire. He is talking so much now. I still get caught off guard when he is calling to me and I have remind myself that M is at school. The other night we were having spaghetti and he said "please noodle milk" translation- Parmesan cheese.

And the most exciting news right now is that Jemima is in an airplane on her way right now to come visit with her mom!!!!!! I only get them for a few short days but we have been planning this before I moved. I can't believe it is here. They really wanted to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas program this weekend. The tickets are lottery and they didn't get any even from being from Australia and Connecticut. So we have been on a mission to find them tickets. My MIL and I asked a ton a different people on temple square what to do, pleading their case of traveling a long way. Finally talked to a nice gentleman who suggested standby I was feeling hope. Jemima had some people working on it as well. I had my MIL searching for tickets and my visiting teacher and pretty much anyone....I even embarrassed Justin at his work party when I talked about it to one of the Mormon Tabernacle orchestra members. Well one of our friends pulled through, she talked to her mom and was able to get the best seats in the house. I was so grateful when she dropped them off at my house. I have been giddy ever since. Just because I feel like it will be a special memory for them and there were many people who helped get them to this concert. Thank you, thank you!!! And especially the person who gave up their seats!!! I am so grateful.